Hand Mudras ~ are mostly used during Meditation, to assist and reinforce specific healing points in the Embodiment, relieving body pain.   Hand Mudras help draw your mind inward and to reconnect on a more peaceful level.  

Jnana/Gyan Mudra

Mudra for knowledge & wisdom.  Stimulates the sense of touch & harmonizes the nervous system, stimulates brain function.  Calms the soul, allowing for inner peace. 

Headache Hand Mudra

Try this Hand Mudra (Hand Yoga) for your Headache, to release tension and stimulate blood flow.  Apply slight pressure for a minute or so, release and try again.  Boost your Balance and feel better. 

TEACHING tools ~

Ahamka Mudra

Try this Hand Mudra (Hand Yoga) To Release Fear, by bringing in Peace and Confidence

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Shakti Hand Mudra for Sleep Disorders

Calms the mind, respiratory impulses and helps the circulation in the brain to assist in Sleep Disorders.  Also helps in physical and emotional trauma, causing anxiety. Sit in this Hand Position for a few minutes before bed.   

Surya Digestion Hand Mudra

Holding this Hand Mudra can help calm the Digestion from the Fire element, that may be causing discomfort within your stomach (solar plexus).  Helps reduce burning sensations.

Guided Hands

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