Mary Martin has dedicated her life helping people Worldwide, in the unfolding of one’s Awakening and Ascension Processes through the Keys of Self-Mastery.

In her advocacy to Help Others Help themselves, she provides the necessary Energetic Tools for one to Re-define, Create and Assimilate Optimum Peace and Balance in their day-to-day lives.  She also assists Humanity in the Return of the Divine Feminine Balance, and Integration into the Consciousness of Oneness. 

As a Teacher of Earth's classroom for the last 30 years, Mary Martin, Spiritual Mastery-Teacher and Healer ~ is committed to providing Spiritual Education, Many Modalities of Hands on Healing, and to Assist and Serve others to Remember who they are and why they are here, at this Greatest Time of Life in Light.  As an Educator of the Soul, she assists those in their Path and Purpose, and in the Discernment of the Divine I am. 

As an Emissary for the Divine Mother Mary, she brings forth Messages of Truth, Hope and Healings, through her Ministries of Services. 

Mary Martin is a Minister, Messenger, Medium, Mentor, Mediator, Mother of Many, Muse and Modern Day Mystic.   She is an Activator of Light Frequency ~ Translating Divine Angelic Language to the Receiver in Request.   As a Receiver and a Transmitter, she Intones an Essence of Harmonic Frequency through the Language of Light, (also known as Language of the Birds, Tongues of the Angels, Language of the Soul, One in Spirit, and Heart Language) as a Sacred-Expression, streamlining a Co-Connection to the Higher Planes.  The Harmonic Intonement Carries Codes of Energetic Science Infused with the Spirit of Energy.   

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Guided Hands

Mary Martin
Minister ~ Messenger ~ Medium

Spiritual Mastery Teacher-Healer 

Offering Transmissional-Teachings in the Keys of Self-Mastery, the I Am Presence and the Return of the Divine Feminine.