Collection of coded keys

Here within is a Collection of Coded-Keys brought forward via Language of Light

Language of Light is a Higher Presence of Energy that is emitted through Sound Frequency, Sacred Geometry and Rays of Light, producing and formulating a Divine Essence.  The incantation of this Sacred Light produces an energy formula that may activate the imbalanced or depleted area(s) that need the life force to flow again.  As the Intonements are chanted, Sparks of Golden Light Ignite the sleeping cells, sending positive subliminal messages and frequency of this Golden Light into the entire embodiment’s system, that may begin to remove obstructed, lodged, stuck or dormant energy.  Once it is lifted, this Golden Light begins to create and blend “new” energies over-lighting the old, to Rejuvenate, Repair and Regenerate the embodiment.

These Keys are a Mixture of Coded-Chants, and are an unscripted and unedited formulation of Natural Living Light.  Its free-flowing Energy is in a continual motion and of a spherical movement, stimulated by the Light Field Frequency of Simplicity.    The rhythm of Light Language and the vibration it produces, pulsates and stimulates an awakening to the sleeping cells of the Embodiment’s System, that may offer an assistance of healing and spiritual advancements in one’s awakening process.

Although one may not have knowledge of Light Language and what is being Reviewed, please Receive these Harmonic Intonements, with a trusting, open and receptive Heart, as your Soul’s Spirit already knows and has discerned the ability to assimilate these sounds as Received. 

Each Key’s Message is a type of Angelic-Adapter to assist those wanting to ‘plug-into’ a level of higher frequency, and simply Receive

How do you Select a Key best suited for your needs?

Using your Intuition, click on any Key to Receive a Message of Light

It is suggested to Listen to each Key’s Message when you are alone and away from any outside distractions.  Tuning into one Key at a time and allowing ample time for the influx of Energy to be assimilated within, may help one to be Released or Received of the benefits of what that Key’s Message offers to thee.   Repeat daily or as many times as needed, until you feel your Embodiment Has Received the Key’s Message.  It is important that one does not “overload” their embodiment by opening multiple Keys in “one sitting”.   Once you have initially received the Message of Light from the Key you chose to work with, please allow ample time to Assimilate the Energy Intake that its Light delivers and offers to you, as a Key of Patience and Balance.  

Not finding an Activation Key for your needs?  Please Contact us with your request.  

Click on any KEYto receive Light Language Message

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